Crazy Holidays & Finished Projects…

Well now that the holidays are over I finally got a chance to take a breather (I also hope I get time to post more this year!) Being a mom of a four year old and a teething 3 month life has been crazy! I have enclosed pictures of all the finished projects I did for Christmas and the soon to be Etsy Store.

First are glasses painted with PLAID Enamels. I enjoyed the paints they are quite transparent but once I got used to them it worked great! I will say I wish I wouldn’t have rushed the drying time by “cooking” them in the oven it caused bleeding of the more prominent colors into the white. They do set without cooking but you have to wait 21 days (I didn’t have that much time.) They are however top rack dishwasher safe and I see a lot of painted glass projects in my future.

My dad’s Christmas Present:

My Brother’s Christmas Present:
My daughter with her Pet Shop Box:

My son’s mobile I made for his birth:
This is my Santa Countdown to Christmas Calendar (I was extremely please with this and might make a couple up for my Etsy Store.)
A very fuzzy picture indeed… anyways these were earrings I made for a friend of mine. They were constructed out of Polyclay and painted with acrylic paint.
I made this “Monster” for my son for Christmas. I filled him with polyfil and put lavender inside of him. My daughter loves it!
Daughter’s Christmas Ornament 2009 Littlest Pet Shop:
My Son’s First Christmas Tree Ornament:
I also made baby soft puzzle blocks for my nephew and son:

I also finally started the process of opening an Etsy store. The watering can is made of felt and was really easy to make. This is one of many things I plan on selling.

The Checkerboard/Dominoes set will also be for sale on my Etsy Store this is the prototype. It is made of felt and has a pocket. I am really pleased on how they turned out. The Dominoes are felt with Puffy Paint (they are very colorful.)

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