Started Planting Seeds!

Since it is officially the Second Day of Spring and it is raining, Jillian and I made a sign wishing everyone a Happy 1st Day of Spring! She also made Littlest Pet Shops out of play dough.

Yesterday was a busy day outside! Jeff and I painted the shutters on the house green. Jillian helped me paint the mailbox pole. I also finally started planting seeds in the garden, the excitement of my afternoon.
This is what I planted yesterday (I only planted seeds, no plants):
51 Sugar Snap
15 Kentucky Wonder Bean
15 Tendercrop Bean
15 Cherokee Wax Bean
15 Bush Blue Lake 274 Bean
15 Greencrop Bean
30 Carrots (I planted more but the space was approximately 30)
6 Cucumbers (3-5 seeds for each hole)
1 Pic-N-Pic Squash (3-5 seeds for each hole)
1 Crookneck Squash (3-5 seeds for each hole)
1 Table Annie Squash (3-5 seeds for each hole)
1 Baby Boo Pumpkin (3-5 seeds for each hole)
1 Jack Be Little Pumpkin (3-5 seeds for each hole)

I have no idea how much this will actually yield, I have been told I will have a ton of stuff if everything comes up (YAY! I hope to have enough to blanch and freeze stuff.) I am working on the plans for the bigger beds, hopefully I will make up my mind on what I want in there. I have a little time to figure it out (not much time about a week.) I really want to have enough tomatoes to make sauce and paste but I’m not sure if 4 Roma tomato plants will be enough or if I should just get all Roma tomato plants (which would be 12.) I also want to get some pepper plants (hot, bell, and banana) and some egg plant (I’m thinking 4 of them.) I am going to try once again to plant some pepper seeds but the seeds won’t be ready for 6 – 8 weeks (which brings me into May – I think that might be a little late for planting.) I am also looking at getting a strawberry growing bags for several reasons: first, Jillian really wants strawberries and second, I don’t want strawberries taking over my backyard in a year or two.
Strawberry Plants (25) & 2 Growin' Bags: 25 strawberry plants  and 2 heavy-duty green plastic flower pouches.

This is what I am shooting for… this is a really good deal from Park Seed it comes with 25 plants and 2 growing bags.

Hopefully, I will be able to get some plants, and a soaker hose this weekend so I can finish the garden (and maybe a new pair of gardening gloves!)

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