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Rainbows and Gold Pots Decor

Rainbows and Gold Pots Decor

It is Spring Break which means I have been trying very hard to keep the kids occupied without electronics (TV or Kindle).  The Princess pointed out our house lacks of St. Patrick’s Day Decor and we needed to make some.  I told her to come up with some ideas and we would make it.  The … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning and Other Things

I have been quiet recently mainly because I am a college student and it is also had cookie season (I am so glad it is over).  My first official class started this week but I have been doing orientation classes and paperwork almost daily for the past month.  It is nice to think someday soon … Continue reading

I Survived Spring Break!

Last week was Spring Break and I am not going to lie it was a long (long, very long) week.  The first three days went off smoothly because it was beautiful outside then came the rain.  It rained for almost three days, I love rain just not during Spring Break.  We did quite a few … Continue reading

Our New Birdhouses

Our New Birdhouses

Our first day project of Summer Vacation was painting birdhouses.  This was an easy project that kept the kids occupied for about a half hour.  They really enjoyed using paint and I also thought decorating them with stickers would also be fun.  My table is currently covered with paper and will be for the rest … Continue reading

The Paint Box – with Special Guest

St. Patrick’s Day brings many things to Savannah and one is NO SCHOOL!  I guess with the influx of 500,000 additional people they don’t want the headache of busing kids around.  So my daughter will be my special guest demonstrator on The Paint Box.  We will be making Bubble Prints and then making Clover and … Continue reading

The Garden… on a Tasty Tuesday

I honestly have not been doing a lot of cooking because dinner is usually something easy (i.e. cereal, Raman or pb&j).  With the reservations line starting to pick up steam with St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday I have had my fair share of “interesting people.”  I could have just grabbed something out of my recipe … Continue reading