Spring Cleaning…

Well Vincent is big enough for his own room now, so I am cleaning out my craft room (sniff – sniff) and transforming it into his bedroom. I have always known I have a lot of stuff but this is putting everything into perspective (I have a lot of art & craft supplies) the problem with parting with any of it is that it is so expensive to replace and most of the stuff lasts forever. For example I have a tube of oil paint that I paid $19.81 for 1.25 FL.OZ Cobalt Turquoise, I can’t remember the last time I picked up one of my sable oil brushes but I can’t part with my oil paints. I have batik stuff, fabric dye, fabric paints, photography stuff, acrylics, watercolors, pottery supplies, jewelry making supplies, sculpture supplies, scrapbooking stuff, pastels, Prismacolor markers and pencils, woodburning supplies, miscellaneous craft supplies, you name it I more and likely have it in some way shape or form. The only stuff I know I don’t have is glass blowing stuff, stained glass stuff, and a kiln. I guess in a way I collect art supplies, it is my hobby.

This project has really forced me to take a look at what I have, I mean will I ever make a basket I couldn’t finish the first one I tried for a class because of the carpel-tunnel in my hands. So I am parting with stuff very slowly but I am making progress.

I also stretched my first canvas in 6 years yesterday and I loved it! So I am working on a painting it will be an acrylic I just can’t pull out the oils with the munchkins. I am excited but in a way I am sad that I am losing my craft room but I think this will give me the kick in the pants to work slowly on the garage (I would settle for insulation) I have done paintings in sheds and garages before it is fun! I could leave my easel up all the time and maybe even do an oil painting.

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