Painting and Drawing for a Good Cause!

Well I have always had a soft spot for wild animals, I can’t even remember how many birds, bunnies, cats, and squirrels I brought home through the years. A charity that has always remained near and dear to my heart is the National Wildlife Federation. It has once again tugged at that heart strings with the Gulf Coast disaster. I have always donated a portion of the wildlife drawings and paintings I have sold to the National Wildlife Federation, I started doing this in high school. I never told anyone (expect my parents) or even advertised it because I didn’t want people to buy the piece because of the donation, I wanted them to buy it because they wanted it. Over the years I have donated a little here and there, I have always loved the address labels. I have decided once again to draw and paint local wildlife and sell it with 50% of the proceeds going to the National Wildlife Federation to aid in the Gulf Coast clean up.

It breaks my heart every night when I watch the news and see the oil destroy a habitat and a way of life for so many people. I know this won’t help the families of the 11 men who died on the Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig, I can only offer my deepest sympathies to the families. I also know this won’t help the thousands of people out of work because of this oil spill. Honestly I have no idea how much this will help but I feel that I need to do something to help that region. Unlike previous disasters where you could just give clothes, toys, food, or even blood, this you can’t do any of that which is sad because a way of life is slowly dying before our eyes and there is nothing anyone can do.

Here are the two I have finished so far each sells for $20.00 on my Etsy Store with 50% of the proceeds going to the National Wildlife Federation for the Gulf Coast Clean Up.

Manatees painting 8″x8″ paper 9″x9″

Brown Pelican – 9″x9″

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