Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well in the past 3 days I have been busy in a good way! I finally finished the Sea Turtle last night (YAY!) I started making another Travel Fish Game and another Travel Checkers Game. I also have some ideas for a Flower Game and a Lady Bug Game. My to do list is growing by the minute and I find myself not having enough hours in the day to make everything I want to make. A good thing considering it is so HOT! Also with is being so HOT (broke another heat record yesterday and will more and likely do it today too) I have to find project for my daughter to do.

Yesterday she drew in the book we made, she really wants craft foam so she can make flowers. So it looks like my next craft supply run will entail craft foam and googly eye. I have also been informed that she really wants a Littlest Pet Shop Catapiller (#1324 – yes she now the number) so I am on the hunt for it. Today I am thinking of making Jillian a LPS necklace because she really wants a LPS necklace and I am a little leary of buying jewelry made in China (sorry too many recalls.) I think I am going to work on that and maybe get some sewing done or painting.

Here is the finished Sea Turtle:

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