The Mythical Walrus…

Well if you have been following the oil spill in the Gulf at all you more and likely have heard of the mythical walrus. The mythical walrus came from BP clean up plans  :

“BP’s 582-page emergency-response never anticipated an oil spill as large as the one now gushing on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico; a closer reading shows the document was not much than a boilerplate, cut-and-paste job used by BP from region to region; in a section titled “Sensitive Biological & Human-Use Resources,” the emergency plan lists “seals, sea otters and walruses” as animals that could be impacted by a Gulf of Mexico spill — even though no such animals live in the Gulf; the plan was approved in July by the federal Minerals Management Service (MMS), a toothless agency accused by lawmakers of being in the pocket of the oil industry”

I felt it necessary to paint a walrus and put it on my Etsy Store maybe something will come from this “Mythical Walrus” that hangs out in the Gulf of Mexico.

2 thoughts on “The Mythical Walrus…

  1. Thanks I have been playing with it for a while 🙂 I finally got my Blog Button finished 🙂 Now that I know how to do everything I think this might become a regular thing changing my blog design 😛

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