Oh the fun of Illustrator…

Well as I mentioned earlier this week I have been engrossed in rebuilding a brochure.  If I do say so myself it is looking mighty nice!  I must admit I am very embarrassed of the current brochure and I can’t believe I let it get printed.  I remember slaving over the other brochure and really not knowing what the hell I was doing, I knew basic stuff in Illustrator but not nearly what I know now.  Which brings me to my current project, I rebuilt the map and am completely dumbfounded by the fact that the font was so messed up.  I have lined everything up on the map and have made it completely cantered, squared, and pretty.  I also have tried 4 times to recreate the Key Section and can’t do it so I have a TON of room now for more things such as Points of Interest (i.e. not Lady an Sons.)

I have also been working on a new felt game, it is really cute Tic-Tac-Toe Ant Game (Red Ants VS Black Ants) and I have also started another checker game and I plan on finishing the Fish Game.  Once the brochure it finally done I plan on making some patterns of the games.

Well I must be on my way… unfortunately brochures don’t build themselves.

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