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Star Wars Felt Peeps

Star Wars Felt Peeps

Pin It Yes I am well aware I hate Peeps but that doesn’t mean everyone does (including my husband).  Originally these were going to be for our good friend Jamie but I hand sewed these and I couldn’t bring myself to part with them.  I was also informed I have opened a can of worms … Continue reading

Weekend wrap up…

Well I started on Christmas ornaments for my Etsy Store, I have made 7 so far (5 are pictured).  All are in various states of completion.  I have only one that is complete (and since that is my next paperclay blog post – I am not going to show a picture of that one). I … Continue reading

WIP – Felt and other things…

So I started sewing again last week, I needed to take a break from digital stuff (I was getting a little frustrated and burnt out).  Which is weird because I really enjoy doing it – I guess everyone needs a break.  I made these last year and honestly thought that would sell better than they … Continue reading

Felt Stuff Friday

This week I decided to pull out my felt again and start making items to put back on my Etsy Store.  I finished the Pond bag with fishies card game (should be on the store this weekend).  I also put the Monkey Bag bag on my Shop. Isn’t the Monkey Tic-Tac-Toe Bag cute? I am … Continue reading

Tooth Fairy Tuesday

Yep the tooth fairy made a visit last night… Showing me her tooth or lack there of. Showing her tooth off for the web cam. The tooth pillow we made so we could hang it on the outside of the door.  Our Tooth Fairy is not very graceful – lol.  I will put the pattern … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday (Sort of :P )

My new felt slippers – I made them from a free Martha Stewart pattern after seeing something similar at Wal-mart for $10.00.  Packers colors complete with yellow footballs on the bottoms (Puffy Paint ROCKS!)