Handmade Sewing Labels

So I have been sewing like crazy (hand sewing like crazy, I should say.)  Last night I pulled out my sewing machine, finally and sewed 11 felt bags and 9 little felt bags to hold checkers and dominoes.  I also designed sewing labels.  I plan on printing them out on Iron-On Transfer paper and ironing them on a cotton material (T-shirt type material) then cutting them out and hand sewing them on.  I do have one small problem I need ink for my printer, I hope to be able to get that tomorrow.

My labels were created in Microsoft Word with the Avery Wizard for Microsoft Office download from their site.  It makes is really easy to get the size you want because they have the templates for all their labels, cards, etc.  all you have to do is type in the product number and the template will pop up.  I had some mailing labels that were 1/2″x1 3/4″ and decided that was the prefect size for a sewing label I could print it out on the Iron-On Transfer Paper and then iron it to some cotton and have a ton of labels.

I upload the design in a PDF format but the lines didn’t convert but you can see the basic design (Click Here.)

I will take photos of what they look like and how I put them together once I get ink for my printer.

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