Littlest Pet Shop Twisty Slide…

Anyone who follows this blog knows my daughter has a Littlest Pet Shop Obsession.  This new project takes the cake.  I went to the Dollar Store a couple days ago and saw a LPS Coloring Book, so I got it for her.  She has been talking non-stop about a twisty slide and ladder for her LPS.  At first I had no idea what she was taking about because there is no twisty slide and ladder for LPSs.  I finally asked her what in the world was she talking about.  She held up her new coloring book and on the cover there was a twisty slide and a ladder.  She then told me I could make for her, which of course got me thinking, “Yes, I could so make that and it would be GREAT!”
Exhibit A:  What started this whole bout of insanity – the coloring book.
Since I don’t believe in doing anything half-ass expect measurements for measured drawings for final projects, I have started making a LPS Twisty Slide and ladder.  I have a giant box of craft sticks, hot glue, and mat board – what more could one ask for?  My sanity back because I have Jillian telling me every 5 minutes I need to make the twisty slide even though that will be the last thing to be constructed.  In her mind it should have been the first and everything else is not necessary.  I am pretty sure this is going to be really cool or really, really bad (I am hoping for good because I really don’t want to disappoint Jillian.)
I have no plan and I am making it up as I go along (which I usually do – except cakes, every since Lebowski cake I always have a plan A, B, C and sometimes even a Z.)  So far it is coming together pretty well the roof thing is completely together and it looks pretty darn good.  I plan on drawing up some drawings for this and putting them on here once I work everything out (it might be a while.)
One side of the roof
Roof hot glued together.
Yes those are pencils – I cut the erasers off 4 brand new pencils and hot glued them to the base and put the tree house base on top.
Birds Eye View of the ladder and the tree house base.
The tree house built just needs slides and to be painted.

 It holds Littlest Pet Shops!

One slide done


We have a playground with two slides!  This is where I decided to go to bed last night and paint it in the morning.

FINISHED!  I finished it this afternoon right before lunch and Jillian has been playing with it non-stop since then.

Not bad for 4 hours worth of work (total start to finish – I feel like most of that was spent painting.)  Only 3 burns from the hot glue gun and 2 cuts from the Exacto knife.  I do plan on uploading some better photos but I have a cake to bake, so I must be on my way.

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