Jeff’s Birthday Cake

I never make my husband a Food Network Type birthday cake for his birthday, why? Because it is usually just the two of us (and my daughter) and it is way too much cake for us. This year my daughter told me we needed to make daddy a birthday cake. I asked her what kind of cake she wanted to make daddy, her response: A DEATH STAR CAKE. That is correct my daughter wanted me to make my husband a Death Star Cake for his birthday.

I figured why not. I can do this I can make a Death Star Cake (as that little voice in my head is saying: “NOOOOOOO!!!!! DON’T DO IT!” But who really listens to that voice anyways.) I will say when I told Jeff about his cake his face lit up like a little kid making me want to make it even more. I have made a Star Wars cake in the past – Jabba the Hut, I will say it was really cool (except Leia – god she was creepy and UGLY!) Also I had no idea how I was going to use the rest of the fondant from Jamie’s Cake so I needed to do something with it.

I finished the cake last night and have been told by several people that it looks like the Death Star. The most important thing is that Jillian knew it was the Death Star and Jeff thinks it looks great!

My daughter and the Booga helping me bake daddy’s cake.

My daughter testing the batter.
My daughter enjoying her cake runoff!

Frosting covered “ball cake” it was melting faster than I could finish frosting it.

Gray Fondant covered cake.  No tears and limited cursing (YAY!  Me!)

The Death Star  – It took me almost 2 hours to complete the lines.  It was also melting… fondant + buttercream frosting + August in Savannah = Melting Cake

I plan on taking some more pictures of the Birthday Boy with his cake!
Happy Birthday Jeff!


Jeff and his best EVIL face…

Singing Happy Birthday – The candle was placed where the laser crater thingy (I apologize to all Star War fans that I don’t know what it is called.)

ANOTHER UPDATE:  This cake is now on Coolest Birthday Cakes Click Here to read all about it!

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