Adding a Signature….

I really wanted to add a signature to my blog but I really thought it was a huge pain to even attempt it.  Well I finally did it through My Live Signature, I still have no idea why I wanted to do it I think because everyone else has one so I wanted one.  (Why, yes mom, I will jump off that bridge if everyone else is doing it.)  I do get confused fairly easily when it comes to HTML (HARDER THAN MAKING LOLLIPOPS) it is a whole new language that my simple mind refuses to learn.  I have tried several times to learn HTML to no avail primarily because Blogger and other programs I use have the nice compose feature that makes everything look pretty and no <a> or <break>, I have committed certain things to memory such as <center> I hate when things aren’t centered!  But that is all I have learned with it comes to HTML.

It will say it was pretty easy… here is my Beginners Guide to HTML Signature (I will admit it took me 3 times to figure it out) so I took a bunch of screen shots so anyone can do it (even my mom!)

Choose Create Signature

 Copy the HTML Code.  Open Blogger –> Dashboard –> Settings –> Formatting

You now have a beautiful signature!   


I went through and changed my signature – I added into the HTML code the Design setting.  I followed the Directions from Kevin and Amanda.  I liked the Live Signature but I really wanted to use the Frank Lloyd Wright Font and my own design.  

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