Homemade Cake Stand… (Free for All Fridays)

Easy Cake Stand

I saw this idea somewhere.  I apologize I don’t remember what site it was (I really need to start book marking these).  Anyway they took a plastic plate and glued it to a candlestick. I really thought that was a neat idea but I don’t do plastic so I thought I would try a clear glass plate. I also am no a fan of clear glass so I had a brilliant idea: Mod Podge, Paint and Tin Foil. It needed to be functional and match my China, so I got to work.

Supplies and Chewbacca Action Figure (my husband thought the picture needed a little something)
Dry Brush directly on the plate.  I also took an old toothbrush and made splatters with black and ivory paint.
Mod Podging the painted tin foil onto the plate.
The underside of the cake stand.  I painted the tin foil off white and then applied white tissue paper over the top with Mod Podge.  To center the “stand” I measured 3.5″ in either directions and then made a small X.  I took a circle template and drew a circle to ensure everything was centered.
The candlestick applied with E 6000 glue.
I needed weight the plate to the candlestick – so I used a thing of coasters, hand soap, E 6000, and Chewbacca.
Cheubacca on the finished cake stand.
Chewbacca laying on the plate.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Do not glue tin foil to the plate (at least where the candle stick goes) with Mod Podge.  The weight of the candle stick made the tin foil separate from the plate.  I had to make an incision with an Exacto Knife and squirt some E 6000 glue in there so it held together.  Other wise it turned out well, I might have to make a “Christmas Cake Stand” with snowflake paper.

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