My Blog is Carbon Neutral…

Considering I have been spending quite a bit of time on my blog lately, I figured I would so something to help the environment while I’m at it. There are many small things that we can all do to make our homes and our lives more environmentally friendly.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.” ~ The Lorax buy Dr. Suess    

My Eco List:

New Shower Heads – many reasons but mainly because one is broken and the other is crap! Have you ever taken a shower, where the shower head shoots water at one spot on your head and then changes to the other side? I have. There other shower head works fine, if the holder had not broke. So I am now on the hunt for an eco-friendly shower head that will actually get all the soap out of my hair.

Toilet Guts – Both of our toilets think shutting off after it is filled is an option not a requirement.  We keep one of the toilet’s shut off valve off most days.  Not only is it really annoying but if we don’t do that it wastes so much water.

Programmable Thermostat – Oh how I hope Santa is reading this because this would make me very, very happy.  We do not crank the A/C, we keep it at 80 or so (I don’t like A/C, too cold) but I would love to see how much money we would save with a programmable thermostat.

Insulating Our Garage – This is the one thing that will happen when my dad comes to visit in December.  I believe this will save us a ton of money on our bill.

Insulating Our Hot Water Tank – Our Hot Water Tank is nearing the end of it’s life span but I think a nice cozy blanket would do just nicely.  I would love to get a Tankless Hot Water Heater.  My main reason besides saving us in the long run, have you ever had a Hot Water Heater fail?  Growing up my parents did and it flooded my bedroom.

Plant a Tree – I really want an apple tree for the front yard.  Fresh apples off the tree – absolute bliss!

Removing My Sliding Glass Doors – I want to remove my Sliding Glass Doors and put a wall with a built in shelf there.  I really think that will save on our enrgy also because those doors are not insulated!  My dad said when he comes in December he will remove them and I will get my built in and the sliding glass doors will be gone!

My blog will be Carbon Neutral and I will be trying to do more “Eco-Friendly” Projects.  I am not sure how well that will work but I always try to re-use items (Clear Backpack, Wind Chime, Bird House, Bird Feeder) so I think I am well on my way.  Maybe some day I will be the Green Crafty Lady… hehehehehehehehe.

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