Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…

First I want to apologize to U2 for the use of their song title.  Yesterday I spent searching for a photo album that I could incorporate into my blog.  After many hours of searching (and much cursing) I almost have the answer.  I discovered a blog called The Blog Doctor that helped immensely in my quest for a sleeker looking blog.  I also can’t tell you how many programs I downloaded before I downloaded Windows Live Writer.  I have spent the morning uninstalling programs from yesterday.  I decided to give the Windows Live Writer a try I figured if I don’t like it I can always uninstall it.  Surprisingly I am quite fond of it.

As I mentioned yesterday I am tweaking (redesigning) everything, slowly.  I also found another great website with tutorials Kevin and Amanda.  I was trying to mess with the font last night much to my dismay, it wasn’t happening.

I am still working out the details such as building the albums with photos and then copying and pasting the HTML codes into Blogger.  Every picture that I used had a broken link so I had to redo everything.  My cursing, I imported everything from my blog, fixed it in Writer then re-uploaded everything.  Several hours later I was able achieve sort of the look I was looking for.

Many people have asked me why don’t I just hire someone to build this for me.  If I did that then I feel like I would be going against on of my main reasons for starting this blog – I want to learn something.  Also I don’t want to pay someone to design my blog.  I know there are designers out there reading my blog cringing right now.  I have the time to do the research on how to do it myself, I personally don’t have the resources to pay someone to design my blog.  I don’t need my blog to turn into another expensive hobby, I have enough of them (metalsmithing, is not a cheap hobby – lol!)  Would I love to have the financial resources to pay someone?  Honestly, I think I would probably do it myself, even if the financial resources were there.  I enjoy learning new things even if it takes months I know I will finally get my blog looking how I want it (then I will change it).

I hope to have everything looking half way decent by next week (new banner, blog button) they were fun for summer but it is fall and I need to come up with something that I don’t have to change every season (lol – not that will stop me – hehehehehehe).

That is pretty much it for today… today I plan on painting my sons room and watching the Packers play!  Happy Sunday 🙂

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