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I am finished!

It has been a long two years, lack of sleep, lots of reading, lots and lots of writing and I am happy to report only two breakdowns, (one revolved around accounting and the other was Human Biology) and I am a college graduate.  I graduated with High Honors (Summa Cum Laude) and was invited to … Continue reading

Going Home…

The last time I stepped foot in the state of Michigan was 2012, it was summer time and I was here with my husband and kids.  This visit has been far different I flew to Escanaba by myself, in the middle of winter for my grandmother’s birthday.  I am older and one may even argue … Continue reading

2016 – How Did That Happen?

In 10 weeks I will be officially finished with my Business Degree, I am in shock and very, very excited.  I managed to hold a 3.97 GPA while working full-time.  I am so excited to be almost finished – March 16, 2016 cannot come soon enough! I officially started learning Spanish, a slow process, however … Continue reading

Day 2 – oh boy…

I have completed day 2, I also realized I don’t eat enough.  I did some research and I think I figured out how to eat more.  I have found lots of resources to help me on Pintrest so I think it might actually work.  I am cheap and really don’t want to pay for anything … Continue reading

Day 1

Getting back on the exercise bandwagon because my clothes are getting tighter and not in a good way.  Since I refuse to buy new clothes in a bigger size I decided to have Jillian Michaels kick my ass again.  Today I restarted the 30 day shred.  I forgot how much I truly hate exercise and … Continue reading


So it is 2015 and I haven’t written anything yet and quite frankly it has been a sad couple of weeks.  Jeff’s uncle passed shortly before Christmas, he sang Moon River at our wedding it was amazing.  Jeff’s grandma passed a couple days after Christmas and one of my friends passed on New Year’s Day … Continue reading

I survived Business Law…

Okay so it has been a couple weeks since I have written mainly because I have been working and had school.  The one class I dreaded taking when I saw it on the requirements for my major was Business Law.  Business Law was/is the only class I have ever failed, I took it in High … Continue reading

Back to Work

It is official, I am headed back to work tomorrow.  I will be working at a hotel but not in the operations department, I will be working as an activities coordinator.  I am so excited about this opportunity and I think it will be a very fun and exciting job. What does this mean for … Continue reading

Going to Hit the Books

It has been a little over a week since I last wrote and big changes are in the works, I am going back to school.  Why?  I guess I want to show my kids getting an education is important and having that degree is important to me.  Another minor thing is I accidentally submitted my … Continue reading