Having a case of the Mondays…

I forgot how much I dislike Mondays.  I personally always thought Mondays got a bad rap but then I worked in hospitality for 13 years and came to despise Mondays.  Having been a stay at home mom for the past two years you would think I would not get the Mondays.  Maybe it is because I got two hours of sleep last night thanks to my son.  I really thought we had jumped over this hurdle of not sleeping through the night but once again I find myself not able to function at 2pm.  I also have a headache that I fear by the end of the day will be a full fledged migraine (my son’s constant screaming has not helped either).  My grand plans have once again been dash by a one year old munchkin.  I have made some progress on making room decorations for his room but had to stop because he was trying to help.  No offense to my son but pulling the wet Mod Podged triangles off the table and trying to eat them, it is not helping.  He was trying to eat Mod Podge.  Maybe it tastes good but that makes me a horrible parent, no matter how good Mod Podge tastes.  I had hoped to finish his curtains for his room but that too has taken a backseat.  I know I shouldn’t be so disappointed on not being able to do stuff but it is frustrating because I have all these ideas and plans and can’t finish or start any of them.  I keep telling myself that he is not going to be this small forever and I need to enjoy it but when you have a screaming mimi attached to you 24/7 it is hard.  I could also really use a nap, hopefully that would make me feel better.

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