What do I want out of my blog?

I was reading back through some older unpublished blog posts and discovered this title from August 30th.  The blog entry was half finished I probably assumed I would come back to it.  Here is a portion of what I wrote: 
This is a very interesting question I posed to myself this morning. I started my blog because I have a very hard time finishing projects. I start something and either forget about them or I get bored and move on, I thought a blog would keep me a little more disciplined in that respect. It has, it gives me motivation to do more projects and finish the ones I start. 

Everything in there is true I have ACD (Attention Crafting Disorder) I have the hardest time finishing projects.  I start something and then have to “think” about it for a while and then I will go back to it (sometimes a week, sometimes a month and yes even years have gone by before I have completed something).  I have always been like this and I am pretty sure I will always be like this projects in various stages of completion.  I will say this blog has helped me immensely in completing projects (I only have four projects in various stages of completion opposed to ten).

I have been spending quite a bit of time recently on The Hive, dropping in on some web seminars (Creative EdVentures and Cool 2 Craft) where I have met some extremely talented people.  The creative energy is amazing on The Hive, I must admit sometimes I wish there would be more discretion used in posting blogs (posting about arts, crafts and staying away from controversial toxic topics).  I openly admit I skip past those topics because there is a time and a place for those topics and an arts and crafts forum in neither the time or the place.  I guess I like seeing how a crafter’s mind work or how another artist’s mind works but I want to read about that not some other unrelated subject.  I have two blogs and I do try very hard to keep them separate but the lines are sometimes blurred (Thankful Thursdays) but I also think it gives people to see my thought process and why I am the way I am.  The premise of my art blog was to document projects so I would actually finish them.  I try very hard to make my blog entertaining and make people think but the flip side of that I try to avoid the FUBAR subjects: politics and religion.  I have nothing to hide on either subject if people asked questions about either subject, I would answer them.  Keeping those two toxic items out of my daily posts makes it refreshing and my blog is not a forum or a Facebook page.  People may disagree with my thought process on this I am a student of art history, I am well aware how entwined politics and religion are in art.  From this point on, unless I am making a project directly related to either subject I will not be posting about those “toxic” subjects.  

I will continue to blog about my childhood art experiences, art college, awesome Dr. Miller stories and I will keep Tasty Tuesdays because I love food!  Even I can’t produce a crafty project a day so I need something to blog about (lol).  I have been asked why do you blog every day when you have two small children isn’t it hard?  Yes, yes it is and there are days when the 20 minutes I take out of my chaotic day to blog is my break for the day.  So I will keep blogging about random art related things because I enjoy it!

Me with the Pumpkin Sticker that my husband put on my forehead.  This was after my daughter said she wants a Littlest Pet Shop Peacock on the pumpkin and a Littlest Pet Shop Caterpillar Cake for her birthday.

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