Littlest Pet Shop Caterpillar Cake (Planning Stages)

So after going to bed at 8:30pm last night (okay I went to bed at 10:00pm but I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30pm) and loading up on every vitamin conceivable I feel amazing today.  As you probably gathered the Thankful Thursday post was written yesterday when I felt like crap.  My daughter is also feeling better her 103.6 fever (that was scary) broke last night but we wanted to make sure she was feeling better so she stayed home one more day.  I started coloring fondant for the cake this morning.  I wasn’t going to start this until Friday (I hadn’t figured out how to make the cake yet) but I had a dream about it last night that answered all my questions (I love dreams like that).  My dilemma was if the head was made out of cake it would be way too heavy and cause everything to fall (= EPIC FAIL!)  Solution:  Rice Krispie Treats!  That is right I am making the head out of Rice Krispie Treats because it will be light and you can mold them into whatever shape you want!

I also spent the morning matching the colors of the fondant to the colors of the caterpillar.  I did this now so my daughter could okay or veto the colors.  With all colors approved by the Birthday Girl we are now in business (I only need to bake the cake, make green frosting and put it together – Friday night).  I am going to make the eyes and the other embellishments before Friday Night (it will save time).  All in all I have a pretty good feeling about this cake (I hope there is enough fondant – that is my biggest fear).

Here is the caterpillar.  Hopefully it will be a cool cake 😀

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