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This week

Okay so Blogging this week is sort of low on the NEED TO DO LIST.  I realized at 7:30 that there was NO blog post today – sorry.  Not much happening still working on apples I currently have close to 100 done so the light is getting brighter.  They have hangers and tags (YAY for … Continue reading

So much to do…

Well my allergies decided to act up on Sunday so I accomplished NOTHING!!!!  I did try to work on Jeff’s computer but much to our disappointment I have been unsuccessful at fixing it.  We believe we have narrowed it down to a corrupted set up file for his fire wall and anti-virus software that will … Continue reading

I can’t find my desk…

So I am determined to finish something today whether it is a digi set (paper or stamps), an ornament, Halloween Countdown from last year, Tidmouth Sheds… something so my desk returns to some state of normal.  I am happy to report my new webcam will be here next week as well as my NEW Tim … Continue reading

Weekend wrap up…

Well I started on Christmas ornaments for my Etsy Store, I have made 7 so far (5 are pictured).  All are in various states of completion.  I have only one that is complete (and since that is my next paperclay blog post – I am not going to show a picture of that one). I … Continue reading

The GIANT To-Do List

Let me say this list is a self imposed list (or partly self imposed list) that will not be completed any time soon because it means movement off the couch.  I keep saying I’m grounded to the couch and I am grateful for all the warm wishes I have received.  So what the hell is … Continue reading

My scary desk…

My desk is so scary right now… there is paper everywhere, paint, glue, shrinky dink stuff and more stuff.  Underneath all of that on a yellow steno pad is my To-Do List.  Some might say it is great motivation to have a To-Do List covered in stuff but for me it is down right scary.  … Continue reading

Finish It Friday!

Well the To-Do List was vast but looking at last week’s list I got a heck of a lot done. Our Christmas Tree is up and decorated. Cashew Brittle made (and has been quality tested repeatedly) Christmas cards are only waiting on Jeff’s Christmas Letter Found an awesome Sugar Cookie recipe for my daughter’s class … Continue reading