Littlest Pet Shop Catepillar Cake…

When your daughter is turning 5, has a HUGE obsession with Littlest Pet Shops and you ask what kind of cake do you want for your birthday – be prepared for the obvious answer a Littlest Pet Shop Cake.  I will say I set guidelines for this cake (no birds) because I didn’t want something really difficult (like a flamingo or a peacock).  My daughter picked a caterpillar on October 16th.
The Caterpillar – very cute

The thinking process began… what could I do to make the head light and not fall over (Bowling Pin from the Lewboski cake)?  Rice Krispie Treats!  It worked for Jabba and Howdy Doody it would be perfect.  The other problem was the shape of the body what pan should I use?  The more I thought about it I realize a bread pan would be perfect!  Once I figured out how to make the cake I could focus on the details of the cake.  I colored the fondant with the icing colors and kneaded it for a uniformed color (this is a very tedious process but the final result is fantastic!)

The eyes – I made during the 1st game of the World Series 

4 Egg Yellow Cake with Sprinkles – In it’s resting place in the fridge why I made Rice Krispies Treats

I needed a greased pan to put the Rice Krispie Treats in to cool because it was a little too hot to work with.  Note the original design and shape bigger and slimmer.  I stuffed the dowel into the cake and set it in the fridge and it fell apart (sorry no picture – I was more concerned about losing the batch of Rice Krispies.)  I greased my hands and formed an oval shape.  It worked much better than the original idea.

Cake carved and frosted – sorry no picture of the carving I am still new with the cake process thing.  Usually Jeff is here to snap away but he was at work and I was trying to limit the goop on the camera.

If I get to this point the cake covered completely with fondant I am pretty confident that it will work.  Mainly because I have all the other details done and I have to do is attach everything.  I always hold my breathe because I am afraid my math is off, meaning there isn’t enough fondant to cover the cake.  I like to have at least 2″ all around just to ensure complete coverage – this was a little tighter than I like.

The light green fondant is trimmed and I have added one eye and the marking on the top of the head.

I added the eye with a paint brush (food only) and water.  I brushed the back of the eye with water  and applied the eye to the caterpillar.  I did the same for the dark green marking on the top of the head.  To ensure it was secure I took a clay tool (that I use for fondant only) and smoothed the edges, so it didn’t look slapped on the base.

I just wanted to finish the cake so there are not a lot of progress photos.  I did take a clay tool and draw the lines on the back of the caterpillar.  I also added a piece of fondant for the nose that I smoothed out with water and clay tools.  I did the same with the horns and feet.

Finished!  Cake board wiped clean and the kiss added!

Close up – I thought is was a cute picture

The top of the cake.  The one thing I always forget with Rice Krispies Treats you need to make the dowel 1 1/2″ shorter than what you think it should be.  If you see the top left bump on the head that is the dowel trying to break through the fondant.

Where the caterpillar spent the night, next to the milk in the fridge.

The birthday girl and her cake!  It was a HUGE success!

Blowing out the candles!  My little girl is 5!

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