Island Palette Studio (Grand Opening)

I am a stay at home mom but I answer the phone for a walking ghost tour company.  This time of year we are really busy, especially this weekend.  We took the kids Trick or Treating on Saturday and one of my neighbors told me she was opening an Art Studio and her Grand Opening is on Sunday.  My response was immediate – We will be there!  Despite the fact the Packers were playing against the Jets on TV we left for the studio opening at half time (Pack up 3-0, it would have been a long game, we made the right call).  The studio is maybe two miles from the house and used to be a small cafe.  She wants me to be an instructor for smaller kids 4-5 age, which I am seriously considering.  I could teach them basic information on artist and then do a project to reflect that (Handy Warhol or watercolors) I think it would be fun.  They hope to have a small store to sell basic supplies canvas, paints, brushes, and watercolor paper.  I will be all over that because Wal-mart is not where I like to buy canvas but it is convenient and driving 45 minutes one way to buy canvas or paying and arm for canvas downtown is not fun!  I know I should stretch my own and I have but my children have virgin ears and I would really like to reserve those oops moments for when the Packers play!

I was really excited because I have been wanting to pull out my oils for quite some time but with two small children it has not been in the cards.  Now I actually have a place to go where I can oil paint, Jeff teases me that is were I am going to spending my free time.  I haven’t been in a studio in years and there is just something about walking into a studio that lights that fire under your creative backside (ass)!  We (I) had so much fun walking around, watching the demos and it really got me in the mood to paint!

My daughter drawing even though she wanted to paint a crab.

My two favorite men

My daughter and Ms. Cheryl

Ms. Cheryl and students

My daughter got to paint!  A panda bear.
Painting with “real” watercolor brushes.  My daughter said, “Mommy these are like your good brushes that I can’t play with.”
Panda Bear!

I did finally finish the owl in the tree last night and I cleaned ALL my brushes last night so I see more paintings in my future. 

The Island Palette is located at:
7906 US Hwy 80
Savannah, GA 31410


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