My Dream Space (AKA: Studio)

I don’t speak of a studio ever because I no longer have a space to create in.  My “studio” was forfeited when we found out about my son, it is now his room.  While I am grateful to no longer be sharing a bed or a room with my little man, I am sadden that I don’t have a place to leave stuff and wonder in whenever I want.  I have a work bench out in the garage but our garage has no insulation and is quite chilly in the winter and damn hot in the summer time.  I don’t even have a desk to sit at and type at.  I set my laptop on an end table and pull our glider rocking chair over and type (not so great for the back) because I need to block the keys from the little man.  All of my art supplies are in tackle boxes (under the end tables or the couch) or closed in the pantry to keep them from prying hands.  I recently discovered that my son can open the tackle boxes and finds my sable watercolor brushes very tasty (my eye is twitching as I type this).
When I work on anything it is after the kids are in bed and after the reservations phone goes off at 9-9:15 pm because I really don’t want to be disturbed by random calls asking when the trolley will pick them up for their walking tour?  It usually takes me 20 minutes or so to pull everything out and that amount of time to clean up, so I work on everything maybe 30 minutes a night.  This week I have been extremely tired my little man has not been sleeping well, so mommy hasn’t been sleeping well.  I also have had to do extra cleaning (i.e. bath tub) do to my little man relieving himself in the tub.  I guess I am just frustrated that I don’t have a place to go and create because after picking up all my toys at night the last thing I want to do is more cleaning even if I get to paint.
What would my studio look like?  In my head it is beautiful my solid oak easel set up in a corner with a small table for my palette.  The work bench used for metalsmithing and a small desk brought in for clay and watercolors.  One more small desk for my sewing machine and my laptop.  A mini fridge filled with Sam Adams, water and my own supply of Gold Fish Crackers (this is part of the dream – lol).  The iPod would be on filled with my favorite music (i.e. The White Album, Seger, Paul Simon, and other random musicians) or I would have the Titanic documentary playing on a loop.  I know some day I will have my own space but days like today make me I wish I had my own studio right now.  All I want to do is lock myself in there and make stuff.

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