I Have a Space–Away from Prying Hands (& WIP)

My Desk

My husband is awesome and yesterday (Thanksgiving Day) he helped me set up my drafting table.  Note the Booga for scale he can not reach the top of the desk even on his tippy toes.  I have a functioning printer (with ink!) and my scanner set up.  I am so happy that I can set stuff up away from prying hands.  I think I even have enough room for a small easel so I can paint small pictures. 

WIP Manatee

However, I am painting a painting for my living room a big painting for my living room (approximate size 2’x4’) of a Manatee, he is a little too big for the drafting table.  Note my daughter’s “Target” table it works perfect with the travel easel.  I have better photos on the camera but this was taken with my cell phone.

I also have really gotten into recycled objects and how to create items with old cereal boxes and other items.   Expect to see experimentations soon Smile

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