Black Friday–Me? No Thank You!

I always hear from people, “One of these days you (I) will break down and head out at midnight to brave the masses on Black Friday.”  I always say, “you can’t pay me enough to do that (especially since Cyber Monday is Monday – lol).”  I have done it!  When I was in high school I would aid one of my aunts in “the hunt.”  We had three “teams” of four, each of us had a mission and a store to be at, it was a very organized art form.  I remember one year, I was one of the first people in Shopko and was in charge of the Tamagotchi Pets (which meant toy section on Black Friday).  I had five in my hand (we always got the limit, my aunt also had three kids and she always bought for my two other cousins) some lady tries ripping one out of my hand.  Me being the smart ass teenager I was looked at her and said, “WTF?!”  (only it wasn’t the acronym).  She said I had enough and that she needed them more.  I looked at her and told her she should have ran faster.  I then carried the five Tomagotchi pets to the front of Shopko running back style.  I vowed after that experience I would NEVER do this for my own kids.

So here I am on Black Friday browsing Amazon (for my Christmas present – lol) drinking coffee and laughing at all those fools who went out to brave the masses for the super deals.  I will be up early Monday browsing my favorite sites for the best deals, I more and likely won’t buy anything but I like to browse.
If you braved the crowds and rude people cheers!  You are a better person than I.

Also I would like to apologize for the unedited version of this being post earlier – I am still getting use to Windows Live Writer and hit the wrong button – lol.

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