Dear Printer…

A little over a year ago I decided to treat myself to a “nice – good quality” printer an HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One.  I was thrilled with my purchase and have had little or no trouble with you (besides the no ink for over 9 months I have had no trouble at all) until yesterday.  I was frantically trying to print photos for family members and then I received the following error:  Cartridge Error: Cartridge on left must be replaced (the equivalent to PC Load Letter).  Considering I just spent $50 on new ink and I had only printed 10 photos at the most, I will say I was quite upset.  In a tear filled frenzy I started Googling and came across this article (I found this article after I chatted with HP Support).  In short my printer is a piece of crap – HP has had numerous problems with this printer and you can get a “replacement” for $97 plus shipping (I was also told this in the chat).  I was told in a chat that my ink cartridge was more and likely defective and that I needed to go buy a new one or I needed to get a “replacement” printer.  Since I can’t get a “refund” for this ink cartridge because it is used there is no way in hell I am paying another $50 for an ink cartridge that might not work.  Considering I paid around $200 for this printer and then another $50 for ink – HP needs to send me a new printer or at least give me a free replacement for ink.  There is no way in hell I will EVER give HP another nickel! 

In short this is what I want to do to you:


So I am looking for new printer ideas (recommendations) I really want to be able to print, prints of my artwork – archival is definitely a bonus.  Please do not recommend an HP because I am NEVER buying another one especially after that wonderful chat yesterday (I love how every tech assumes you are a moron and know nothing about anything – he also told me in the chat that he didn’t believe it was a “new cartridge” because that doesn’t happen.)  Maybe I got the one jerk at HP but it really turned me off to buying another HP product.  Since the chat went so badly I didn’t even bother to call customer support because at least in a chat I can hide my frustration with a person on the phone I can’t.

It looks like I will be pulling the old trusty Lexmark out of the closet and doing the “refill” at Ace today because I really need a “color” printer right now.

Thank you,

Amanda Smile

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