We Have a Felt Putter (YAY!)

So after 2 sleepless nights trying to figure out how in the world and I going to pull this off – I figured it out:  hot glue, dowel rod, foam core and felt.  I have no idea why my daughter wants a putting green and why she waited five days before Christmas to tell anyone this fact but I might actually be able to pull this off.

I wanted to make the putter first because I have to figure out how to construct it.  I have had several recommendations of getting a “real” putter and drilling holes to make it lighter.  Real putter = metal.  Metal bad I have a one year old and since I really don’t like the ER and I like my TV (way too much!). 

Once again I didn’t take progress photos because I wanted to finish it but I plan on making 3 more so I will take progress photos and to a how to.  It was surprisingly easy only burned my finger 3 times Open-mouthed smile which is a huge improvement for me.


I know it looks like a putter because my husband has been taking the putter and imitating the Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge.  imageThe putter also works!  I tested it using one of my son’s foam balls, I plan on getting whiffle golf balls tomorrow and painting them (plastic primer and paint) to match the “clubs”.  Honestly I think Jeff and I are going to have way more fun with this then the kids.

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