Watercolor Basics: Even Wash (from The Paint Box)

I have been waiting for almost a week now to do a show summary from the premiere episode of The Paint Box.  I wanted to watch it and then type something out but for some reason the powers that be do not want me or anyone else to see this.  Linqto has been trying to “de-bug” the first episode for almost a week.  The episode is still being worked on and once it is fixed I will post the replay of it. 

This the painting I did with a flat wash:

Watercolor Basics 001

I used Grumbacher Watercolors as well as Crayola Watercolors to complete this.  I explained a good basic palette, the different type of brushes.  I demonstrated an even wash with Crayola Paint and Grumbacher Thalo Blue on Rag Paper.  The most important thing to remember when doing an even wash is that you need to go in one direction (left to right or right to left).  I also use a flat brush opposed to a round brush when doing an even wash.

I hope everyone joins me on Thursday at Noon EST for the second episode of The Paint Box.  Also if you have any comments or questions regarding painting (any medium) please feel free to contact me.

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