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T.G.I.F. One of Those Weeks!

When I worked at the hotel I lived for Fridays, even if we were extremely busy I knew at 5:00pm I would be on my way out the door.  Being atay at home mom my fondness for Fridays is not the same as it was until this week.  Many of you know that I work … Continue reading

Monet Waterlilies Teaching Impressionism

I love Impressionism Monet is one of my favorite artist (I named my dog Monet Picasso). Monet Picasso – December 2007 I watched the In the Zone Episode on June 20 and decided I needed to incorporate Impressionism into a children’s project for my show In the Paint Box.  I started doing some research and … Continue reading

Book Binding 101: Accordion Book

Book Binding 101: Accordion Book

I demonstrated how to make this on In the Paint Box on Thursday. The original idea came from Ann Butler’s calender post on The Hive.  I didn’t have one of those binding things but I thought the use of coasters was brilliant!  I decided a tutorial would be in order so I typed up a … Continue reading

The Paint Box – Faux Wood Burning

Back in November I decided to experiment a little and discovered I could do faux wood burning with paint. I decided to finally demonstrate this technique on The Paint Box at NOON EST.  This is a very easy, eco-friendly project and you get amazing results with it.

The Paint Box – with Special Guest

St. Patrick’s Day brings many things to Savannah and one is NO SCHOOL!  I guess with the influx of 500,000 additional people they don’t want the headache of busing kids around.  So my daughter will be my special guest demonstrator on The Paint Box.  We will be making Bubble Prints and then making Clover and … Continue reading

How To Do Faux Lapis Lazuli–In the Paint Box

I have always had a fascination with faux finishes whether it was stone, wood, leather or brick.  There was just something about it that always fascinated me.  My earliest recollections of this fascination was in Middle School (Junior High) I started building doll houses.  I called it my secret shame – lol, not many people … Continue reading