Beer Bottle Plant Watering System–Eco Friendly

Beer Bottle Watering System

A couple weeks ago I tried an experimentation by filling a beer bottle with water and shoving it into a couple of my sad looking plants.  After a little over a week of experimentation my report is A++!  This works fantastic and I am so excited because I kill my indoor plants every thing that comes in my house dies a slow painful death.  I am happy to report my indoor plants survived and they look better than EVER!  BONUS, I get to decorate the beer bottle with PLAID Enamel Paints and other stuff!

Beer Bottle Planter

Photo Taken February 16, 2011 – Note the droopy Gerber Daisy Plant.

Picture 107

I took the label off the beer bottle I hot glued marbles on it.

Picture 108

Added the Faux Lapis piece to the top of the bottle with hot glue.

Picture 109

I then added PLAID Enamel Paints to the bottle to decorate it.  I plan on letting the kids (yes both!) decorate one each it should be a fun project!

Beer Bottle Planter Finished

Photo Taken February 28, 2011 – Look at the Gerber Daisy Plant and the Basil Plant!  I don’t think they have ever looked so healthy!  Yes the one bottle is a wine bottle and it also works (a little hard to see if there is water in there but it works!)

The moral of this story pull those beer bottles out of the recycle bins, fill them with water and stick them in your planters!

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