What a World Wind Week…

Last week was probably one of the most exciting weeks I have had artistically speaking in a long time. 

First, I received a message last week asking if I would like to be published on FaveCrafts.com I immediately responded – YES!  So I am now in the craft designers section of FaveCrafts.com.  My book binding, coasters and origami star earrings are currently on there as well.  I am really excited about this opportunity and really need to get cracking on some new projects.

Second, I bought a domain name: ajsartsanddesigns.com.  I did this for several reasons the big one is my Graphic Design work is really starting to pick up.  I was asked to design new logos and ads for a very prominent business here (I have goose bumps, butterflies and everything else that goes along with that.)  I am trying to go more legit and I feel this is the easiest way to do so.  My blog will stay the same but there will be other subtle changes made throughout the next couple of months.

I bought my MAC!  With all the design work I am currently (will be) doing I ordered my MAC.  It will be here this week!  Once that gets here I think the doings of the past week will really set in.  I don’t think the transition from a PC to a Mac will be that difficult for me since I originally learned everything on a MAC.  I hope it will be easy at least if not it will be a week from HELL –LOL!

I also setup a blog/website for the design project.  We needed full control over everything so we figured since we will be changing everything, every month the blog route would be the easiest and the cheapest.  I hope to have the logo completely finished and that working today.

All in all it has been a world wind week and I am still numb by some of the opportunities I have been given.  I will try and get some pictures of the garden and projects I am working on up soon, I have been quite busy lately.

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