My Herb Garden on a Tasty Tuesday!

Sunday I spent most of the day outside digging up the grass around my bird bath.  I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy but I promise there is a method to my madness.  The grass does not grow there it is just weeds and I try and plant flowers around there but they get run over by the lawn mower.  So to prevent the later from happening I needed to tear up the whole patch.  I have been planning this for two years but I haven’t had the time to do it.

Making Jeff very happy by eliminating another patch of grass to mow.
 Progress – I then realized I didn’t have enough fasteners to do the whole job.

 The frog I found on my manual weed/tiller thingy.
 The frog hopping for its life away from the Booga.  I felt really bad for that poor frog.
My helper finally decided to come help me.
I got about 1/4 done and then realized I can’t do math.  I did not buy enough mulch to finish the front.

My helper telling me it was okay we would finish another day.

Mother Nature also thought I needed to end my gardening for the weekend.
The hail storm that took out my seedlings that I had move to the front porch.  I now have one lonely cucumber plant and I don’t think I have any tomato plants.  Honestly don’t ever remember hail like that here, we had golf ball size hail. 
I plan on getting several more plants for my herb garden and I also plan on scanning my diagram and posting it.  I am really excited to try all the fresh herbs especially the Pineapple Sage I bought.  My neighbor was also nice enough to buy me some Lemon Balm so I see tea in my future!  I am really hoping to get a nice enough and a wide variety of herbs that I will never have to buy another dried herb again!  I am still looking to find a Laurel Bay Bush hopefully I can find one in town so we can have fresh Bay Leaves!  I can not wait to finish this I am so excited to see the finished product!

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