Weekend Re-Cap: A trip to Ace, dinner with girlfriends and AAA to the rescue

Saturday (and Sunday) my goal was to be extremely productive in the yard and surprisingly I was.  Jeff, the kids and I went to Ace to get gardening stuff (plants, trellis, mulch, etc.).  My daughter really wanted D batteries for the new ball popper that my brother bought Booga but $13 for batteries and the stupid things and it takes FIVE (yes 5) I made her choose strawberry plant or batteries.  We came home with a strawberry plant.  Her and I planted the strawberry in a giant pot and we transplanted the Top Hat Blueberry Bush (aka: Fab) and then we went to the backyard.  I hadn’t really started planting stuff because my sprouts are very tiny.  My Little Marvel pea plants are about 4″ tall and the same with my yellow wax bush beans.  I figured I need to do a vegetable trellis so they can grow.  Well I am cheap and did not want to pay $10 for nylon trellis and only 12′ of it.  I decided to just get the wooden poles and make my own with the poles and some yarn yarn.  We also planted corn in the backyard (mind you, to Jeff’s constant quoting of Field of Dreams).  He also told me he is not plowing over anything in the backyard to make a baseball field (trust me our backyard is not that big).  I also got Zucchini, Crock-neck Squash and Queen Anne Squash (or I thought it was Queen Anne Squash, it is actually Satin Beauty Egg Plant) – I hadn’t really thought about getting squash because my squash growing has been hit or miss.  I really wanted to try it again and I have had good luck plants I have bought from Ace.  I also bought Chives, Greek Oregano, Pineapple Sage and Potpourri Lavender (thought I bought English Lavender) and some other vegetables, I don’t need tomatoes this year because Jamie has a ton of seedlings that will be ready this weekend.

I planted and made trellis in the back yard my daughter helped with the trellis and the corn (I really hope we at least get one stalk of corn.)  Booga helped by knotting the skeen of yarn (pulling the wrong string).  I will say if he didn’t do that I more and likely wouldn’t have an herb garden in the front yard (which needs its own post.)  I was trying to hurry in the back yard because I was going out to dinner with the girlfriends for Terri’s Birthday.  Since I had to get ready I had to cut my afternoon in the garden short.  Note to self:  Yes plants thrive from watering and we are in a drought but watering all afternoon (most of the night) is not necessary – the plants are very happy.

We went out for Sushi, ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery (Pistacho Jell-o Pudding the BEST THING EVER!) Starbucks and then we were pulling out of the parking lot and heard a thud-thud.  Our response to each other, “What was that?”  We all got out and checked the tires and we had a flat (or a soon to be very flat tire).  Michelle called her husband, Terri laughed saying mine is in bed, I called Jeff – Jeff said, “Did you call AAA?  That is why we pay for it.”  I called AAA and they were there within 30 minutes.  Tim (Michelle’s husband) arrived at the same time as AAA.  We laughed about it and thought it was fitting to have that happen.  I am pretty sure Tim thought we had all been drinking but none of us had any drinks, we were just having so much fun all we could do was laugh (and take pictures for Facebook).

 Me, Terri (the Birthday Girl) and Michelle
Terri and I

The tire in the process of being changed by AAA
Terri and I being silly with the AAA Van
We made it home at exactly midnight our chariot had officially turned into a pumpkin but AAA made it possible.  We had a blast chatting, laughing and talking about everything (husbands, kids and life) and of course the flat tire made us all realize how lucky we were that we were not on the freeway going home.  We also all agreed we need to do this more even if it is just at one of our houses and a pitcher of Mojitos.

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