Tasty Tuesdays – Back in the Garden

Since I have been feeling like I could be a cast member of The Walking Dead lately (I have the Zombie walk down pretty good), I finally got out in my very neglected garden this past weekend.  I planted a ton more beans (Tenderpick and KY Wonders) and re-cleaned the beds (stupid tree).  I have zucchini blossoms and pea blossoms, I am sad to report that none of my tomato plants made it because of the hail storm.


I did the move the cilantro to next to the chives and weeded the front unfinished herb garden.  I also planted radishes because I forgot earlier.  I also planted my other Lemon Balm into a 10″ pot – I had lots of help planting that pot.  I hope to spend more time out there but my mom is banning me to the couch because I try and do too much.  Hopefully I will feel better (without happy pills) I will get out there and enjoy my garden.

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