Work in Progress Wednesday!

Despite being grounded (i.e. butt on the couch) I have been able to complete quite a bit.  I got some new markers BIC Mark-Its on the advice of Leslie Rahye she informed me they worked very similar to Prismacolor Markers.  I picked a pack of four up at Wal-Mart (that was all I could find) and tried them – YES THEY DO!!!!  The other nice thing about them is that you can use the Clear Blender with them.  They don’t bleed like Prismacolors or Sharpies for that matter and they DON’T SMELL!  A while back I was sent some magazines from my grandma one was a British Magazine called Capisc (I am sure she found them at Good Will or St.Vincent de Paul in Michigan).  They had the cutest little Patchwork Fairies in there by David Perkins.  I decided I didn’t want to ruin the magazine so I scanned the images in and turned them into PNG files.  I scanned them for my own personal use and will not be distributing them in anyway (i.e. sharing the files I scanned online).  I have had fun coloring, making cards and typing blog post on the laptop (because that is all my mom is letting me do).  I want to state how much I miss my Mac but I can’t sit on the couch with my Mac (using Windows Live Writer has eased the pain a little).

Picture 123

Picture 121

Picture 119

Picture 120


I also worked on my Paperclay Design Piece.  I experimented with some embellishments.  I stamped the Paperclay with rubber stamps I had, let them dry for 24 hour.  I took my Tim Holtz Embossing Pad and my Gold Embossing Powder and used the heat gun to set the powder (melt it!)  I then used my Victorian Velvet Tim Holtz Ink Pad to add the pink color for the spots I missed.  I was amazed on how well it worked and it gave me so many ideas for feature projects!  Here is a sneak peak on what I am working on:

Picture 122

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