National Scrapbooking Day – Come2Crop TODAY!

Okay so I have NEVER been to a scrapbooking crop (virtual or in person).  When the Creative EdVentures team decided to have a crop, the amazing Leslierahye took the bull by the horns and took charge.  The amount of planning, time and the love she shows for this commitment has been amazing.  I am personally really excited to watch what Leslierahye has planned for us.  I have witnessed the planning first hand and have been in awe of how much time and work she has dedicated to Come 2 Crop.  I do feel like I have not pulled my weight on the planning of this.  I have tried really hard to give feedback but personally I have never done a crop and have no idea what to expect, (so I personally feel that I haven’t pulled my weight.)  I did everything that was asked of me, the logo and to come up with digital stamps (pictured below).  I am a strong believer in giving credit where credit is due.  Working 13 years in hospitality and never getting recognition for ANYTHING I ever did really made its mark.  This was a collaborative effort by the Creative EdVentures Team but Leslie really made this her baby and I think she needs the recognition for that (even if she doesn’t think soSmile with tongue out). 

There will be some GREAT prizes (including the following digi stamps I did) and there will be some amazing demos!  I am going to demo how to make a digital scrapbooking page in GIMP (which should be interesting because I usually do mine in Photoshop). 
Digi Page Butterfly copy
Come celebrate National Scrapbook Day with us in the Creative EdVentures Linqto Room at 7PM EST we will be there until 1AM (well I probably won’t be there until 1AM – I turn into a pumpkin at midnight).  The great thing is you DO NOT have to scrapbook or need a Web Cam – work on anything you want or just come and chat – of course it is BYOB (bring your own beverage) but I think even with that it will be a GREAT time Open-mouthed smile

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