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T.G.I.F. One of Those Weeks!

When I worked at the hotel I lived for Fridays, even if we were extremely busy I knew at 5:00pm I would be on my way out the door.  Being atay at home mom my fondness for Fridays is not the same as it was until this week.  Many of you know that I work … Continue reading

Monet Waterlilies Teaching Impressionism

I love Impressionism Monet is one of my favorite artist (I named my dog Monet Picasso). Monet Picasso – December 2007 I watched the In the Zone Episode on June 20 and decided I needed to incorporate Impressionism into a children’s project for my show In the Paint Box.  I started doing some research and … Continue reading

Homemade Texture Magic

I am pretty sure I have established I am “frugal” when it comes to my craft supplies purchases.  Texture Magic is no exception.  I really wanted to buy some Texture Magic but at $12 a tube it is a little too steep for my taste.  I was working on my Reece’s Rainbow tiles and really … Continue reading

Not Wordless Wednesday – Meeting Robi

Yesterday I met Roberta Cohen and her husband Sid in person!  I was really excited and a tad nervous about meeting them in person.  I Skype with Robi quite a bit so I knew we would get along fabulously but I was still nervous.  I knew Robi wouldn’t care what my house looked like (because … Continue reading

Desk Organzier Made Out of Cardboard

Desk Organzier Made Out of Cardboard

Well I had planned on typing this post this weekend but I find my self typing it on a Monday morning sipping my coffee.  I am once again taking the Come 2 Chat Challenge, this weeks challenge is Cardboard Classic.  You take any type of cardboard (cereal box, old shipping box, etc.) and reuse it … Continue reading