My Newest Adventure…

So I recently got into designing Digital Stamps primarily it was one thing I could create sitting on the couch.  I decided (through much pushing from family and friends) to start selling my digital stamps on my blog and on my Facebook Fan Page.  I had decided against selling them on Etsy for the time being because of the listing fee.

I am also thinking of putting together a Design Team for my Digital Stamps.  Since this is in the embryonic stage of development I will post more on that later. 

Another thing I am going to offer is a free digi every week in a PDF format so everyone can print it out and do what they please with it.  I still haven’t figured out if it will be on Monday or on Friday.  Personally I am leaning towards Monday because it is Monday (enough said).  I am not sure exactly where on my blog it will be I am thinking of redoing my blog pages and combining my Portfolio and Cakes Pages.  Then using that tab for Freebies, not sure still thinking about this.

So I hope everyone checks out my Digi Shoppe Page on my blog.  Please keep in mind it is a work in progress so there is only a couple images up there right now.

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