Tasty Tuesday… My Garden

So I have been laid up for the past couple weeks and this weekend I was finally feeling FANTASTIC.  So I decided to borrow the neighbor’s tiller and till the garden.  I will admit this is not the smartest thing I have ever done but my garden looks great.  My friend Jamie (the one who gave me the six tomato plants) is going to give me 6 – 10 more for my garden later this week.  I am also going to plant some asparagus along the edge of it so it is like a border.  I also plan on getting some sweet potatoes because my kids LOVE sweet potatoes!

Garden Tilled

I had already hand tilled the areas that had been planted but then I started having problems with my side so I could finish the whole thing.  My neighbor offered his electric tiller and it work GREAT!!!!  Tilling what I did only took about an hour opposed to days.  I now really, really want one Smile

Peas Bean and Lettuce

Another haul from the garden peas, beans and red leaf lettuce.  I have sprouts on several pepper and zucchini plants.

I am glad I did this even though I am paying for it dearly this week.  I hope it will be worth it because all that work (and excoriating pain that I am currently enduring) better be worth it!

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