Tasty Tuesday–Vodka Cherry Limeade

So with the weekend I had, we needed to unwind a little.  I really wanted a Cherry Limeade from Sonic (they are so good!)  I decided to Google Sonic Cherry Limeade to see if I could recreate the yummy goodness of a Cherry Limeade.  I found several recipes that I thought would work, so my mom and I went to the store (we also went to the liquor store because Vodka makes everything better).

We bought V8 Cherry Pomegranate Juice and Sprite for the Cherry Limeade.  We got home and I mixed it up following the directions I found on-line and it wasn’t cherry enough (Sonic’s is thicker – this was juicer) so I added Grenadine and it was perfect!  We then added Vodka and lime slices to it and served it in a water glass (one will do yah – lol!)

Here is my recipe:

12oz Sprite

1/4 Cup of Cherry Juice

2 spoonful of Grenadine (a standard spoon)

***Vodka to taste (or a Jeff 5 count)


Mix ingredients together, pour in glass with ice.  Serve with lime and cherries.


Vodka Cherry Limeade

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