Tasty Tuesday – Hirum the Tomato Plant

So we went to ACE this weekend to get a soaker hose, potting soil and fertilizer.  Spring has already hit 99 degrees here so we have had a really hot Spring with NO RAIN in sight.  So I saw a tomato plant with two tomatoes on it so I got it and decided to name him Hirum.  I have kept him in the house soaking in water (a flat bowl I have) because he was a little dry.  It has been way to hot to transplant him to either a pot or the garden so he is on my kitchen sink waiting for the day it get below 90 degrees. 

My garden is thrilled with the soaker hose and the front yard garden is a little jealous that the backyard got one and they haven’t.  Hopefully someday soon I will be able to finish the front herb garden and buy the front yard its very own soaker hose 🙂

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