Work In Progress WEDNESDAY!!!

Big shock I am going to show the Digi Shoppe.  I have made progress!  It is up not fully stock but up and all the links are working and I am learning more and more everyday!  For example how to successfully add Zip Files to Download buttons without a PAID hosting site (exciting I know!)

Here is the front screen shot.

Yep the baby monsters are a theme throughout.  I drew them not knowing what I would ever do with them and then I decided to add them to my shop.

With the help of Dreamweaver I was able to create a table with the images and the Add to Cart Button.  The Add to Cart Button was a little on the tricky side it took me a couple days to figure out how to do it.  Once I figured it out it was easy (I will cover the how to on a future blog post).

I have been working on this non-stop since Friday and am thrilled with my progress.  I am still updating and building but it is going MUCH faster now that I know pretty much what I am doing.

Check out my progress for yourself at A.J.’s Digi Shoppe or follow the A.J.’s Digi Shoppe Blog or become a Fan on Facebook!  I also started a Newsletter that you can sign up for.

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