Happy Father’s Day Jeff, Dad and Ken

Taken June 16, 2011
Taken June 16, 2011 – I love this picture of Jeff and the Booga.

Jeff is an amazing, caring daddy and I am so lucky to share my life with him.  I love to watch him play with the kids and how he can make them both laugh hysterically makes me laugh.  My favorite time on weekends is watching him with both kids on his lap reading stories to them.  They love when daddy reads to them.  I am asked when did you know Jeff would be the one?  We went to visit my family in 2003 and went to the Doll Show in Algoma, WI.  My cousin Bethany had just had her 3rd child (a little girl),  Beth left Brie with Jeff and came to find us (my mom, her mom, grandma).  I looked at Beth and said, “Where is the baby?” 
“Oh Jeff has her and you really shouldn’t bring him home.  He is way to nice to meet the rest of your family.”  I laughed and walked back into the room where he was sitting with Brie, looking at him I knew, he would be a wonderful daddy and someone I want to spend the rest of my life with.  Happy Father’s Day, honey – I love you 🙂

Happy Father’s Day Ken (my father in law).  You did a good job with Jeff (and Anna) thank you 🙂

Now to my dad…
Thanks dad for answering the – OH MY GOD!!! my toilet is cracked and is leaking, the backyard is flooded call or my personal favorite trying to figure out why and the hell the alarm system went crazy.  1-800-DIAL DAD has always come through and I appreciate that.  Honestly, you have gotten me out of a couple of jams (several jams) and I know Jeff is thankful for your help as well.  You did good dad I can cook, bake bread, I own more power tools than my husband, I can set a toilet and hard pressed I can still change a tire (but I have Jeff and AAA so I don’t need that).  Thank you and I can not wait to Skype with you on Sunday to tell you Happy Father’s Day!

I love this picture of the two of us – August 4, 2005.  ©2005 Carey Hughes  Photography

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