Things I am working on… and other ramblings

I have been working on a gazillion projects it seems.  My biggest on is A.J.’s Digi Shoppe, that blog and Newsletter.  I currently have a full functioning digi shoppe (yay me!) with Zip File Downloads for my Freebies 😀

Now here is my question I pose to myself (and anyone who is reading) – what now?  I have this shop with stamps ready to go but how do I promote it?  Do I do more blog hops or do I just let it happen?  I have a love/hate relationship with social media – do I constantly bombard my friends with “things I am working on” or do I keep it on my Fan Page for the Digi Shoppe?  I don’t have many fans on the Digi Shoppe Page (42) or many Followers on the Digi Shoppe Blog either (4).  I want to promote myself but besides doing it on this blog I don’t know what to do. 

I have joined CDAC, honestly I am a little intimidated by it.  I can’t even explain why I am intimidated, maybe it is because I do not see myself as a paper crafter.  I am in awe any time someone uses one of my digital stamps.  I look at what they create and what I create and I wouldn’t even classify mine as sub-par.  I guess I shouldn’t compare myself to other paper crafters because I don’t consider myself one.  I think my digital stamps are nice, they have taken quite a bit of time to create.  I want people to buy my digital stamps but I need to strike the balance between self promotion and people getting sick of me.   

If you have any suggestions let me know I would love to know what everyone thinks 🙂

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