Finish it Friday… Sword and the Stone Style

Booga is fascinated (obsessed) with Sword and the Stone by Walt Disney (we watch it at least 3 times a day).  By the end of the day I wish that damn chain would not have let go and would have taken Merlin down the well.  Booga can recite Sword and the Stone, I am aware he can’t talk very well but he can recite “Stone” he dances to “Hockey Pockey Wockey Wack odds and ends…” and at the end of the movie when Wart pulls the sword from the stone he starts asking for it all over again (keep in mind there is about 6 minutes left of the movie.)  I am aware this blog posts sounds bitter and trust me it is because those damn songs go through my head when I hit the pillow at night.  I mean really trying to sleep and all I can think about is Wockey Wack or Higgtis Piggtis.  In my version of Sword in the Stone would involve a lot less singing so I am thinking mimes, the whole movie there are mimes and then at the end he pulls out the sword no clapping or cheering just silence (absolute bliss in my mind).

I feel much better now that I stated that.  I got this idea when Booga decided that my metal ruler was a sword.  I one enjoy having my days blood free, I also like my TV so personally wanted something a little less deadly – cardboard.

I took drew the shape of the sword with a pencil onto cardboard – cut it out with an Exacto Knife

My with the sword – it however did not pass the Booga test it bent so I reinforced it with craft sticks and Metal Tape.
Not only is the sword sturdy but it is shiny like a real sword.   Notice the cardboard on the ground, my daughter kept asking me where is the stone.

The Booga with his sword.  He loves it, maybe a little too much, my daughter tried taking it away from him and he bit her on the arm to get it back.
I hope y’all like my sword as much as Booga does.

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