Learning Photoshop Actions

I admit I don’t even begin to pretend I know what Photoshop has to offer in the photography department.  I stick pretty much to the design side of Photoshop  I have been reading about actions and found Pure Photoshop Elements Facebook Page and Website.  I guess I knew Facebook could do these actions but I didn’t know how to even begin to play with them.  I downloaded a couple of their free actions and then realized I didn’t even know where and the hell the Action Button was in Photoshop.    I had to Google that found this really cool, helpful article.

I decided to play with the actions I just downloaded (I downloaded the Taste of Pure Sampler):

No Photoshopping – Just added watermark

Added Pure Pop and another one with Vintage Tones (I can’t remember).  I also used their Purely for the Web which compresses the photographs for blogs and Facebook.

I know it isn’t the best example but it was the only photo I took yesterday that didn’t have a ton of kids in it.  We went to Oatland Island for a playdate for the Booga and I snapped away.  I thought it would show that you don’t need to just use it on people you can use it on animals as well.  I do want to get back into photography, I loved it when I was in college I also had an amazing photography teacher.  That of course is on my eventually list of stuff to do I will continue to snap away and if I get a good one play with it in Photoshop.  Other than that I don’t see me as a professional photographer or even an amateur one any time soon.

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