TAP Dress Shoes (this makes me giddy!)

TAP Dress Shoes

We have a party at the end of the month that is semi-formal (sigh) meaning up until this weekend I had nothing to wear that fit me.  I have lost quite a bit of weight over the past 2 years (between diet and exercise) it is close to 75 pounds.  My wardrobe is ummm… on the lacking side when it comes to dress clothes primarily because I never wear dress clothes.  One of my dear friends had this beautiful summer black and ivory dress at a rummage sale this past weekend and I had to try it on.  Much to my surprise the size 6P fit me.  She gave me the dress but I didn’t know what shoes to wear with it.  I was searching my closet and came across a pair of ivory canvas platform sandals with a bow.  I am not a bow fan but I love the shoes.  I decided to rip off the bow and add TAP to the shoes.  TAP – Transfer Artist Paper.

Shoes with the bows – not bad I just am not a bow girl.
This is when I realize the bow would come off easily.  A pair of small sewing scissors and the bow was successfully removed.
Bow removed – see they are really cute sandals.
Close-up of operation bow extraction
My dress that I scanned.
Me with the TAP sheet.

I scanned in my dress I wanted the same pattern on the shoes.  I then took the scanned image into Photoshoppe and erased the “ivory” part of the image leaving only black.  I printed the black image onto the TAP.

I then took a piece of tracing paper placed it over the shoe to get the basic shape.  I was pretty proud of myself for this one.

My pattern traced on the back of the TAP
How I stuffed my sandal  I thought it was pretty clever.
The shoe after ironing the TAP – ironing is a little tricky I think I need a smaller iron I want to move the iron  meaning I am smudging it in places but I am learning.

I went in with a Bic Mark -it and filled in the areas on the bottom and the blacken around the edges.  I love them and the fact they match perfectly with my new dress is a huge bonus.  I am not sure if the shoes are finished yet, I might add a small paperclay flower to the top of them but I’m not sure.  I am leaning towards leaving them be.

Look I have a tattoo – hehehehe
Please ignore the lack of a pedicure for the party I plan on having one.  Like I said I am leaning toward no flower I sort of like it the way it is but I would love feedback on it.  Let me know what you think.
So I decided to color the white strap of the shoes black – I LOVE THEM!!!
I like the black strap so much better.
Black and white – see I was having fun with Photoshop.

Sorry no pictures of the complete ensemble until after the 31st.

3 thoughts on “TAP Dress Shoes (this makes me giddy!)

  1. TAP – is Transfer Artist Paper, I like to think of it as iron on transfer paper on steroids! Here is the link for TAP:www.ctpub.com/productdetails.cfm?PC=1816If you have any questions about TAP – email C&T (the creators of TAP) they are awesome 🙂

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