Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes – OH YES :D

I got this recipe from a friend who made a cake and posted a picture of an amazing looking cake.  I was intrigued when she posted it was a chocolate Guinness (yes BEER) cake.  I got the recipe and decided I wanted to do cupcakes for my friend’s 10th Anniversary Party for his business.  It is the hottest summer on record and baking anything with frosting or fondant will just melt.  So the grand cake I had planned is no longer due to the extreme heat.  I realized early on that almost any cake can be made into a cupcake (I have yet to try cheesecake) so I decided to make these as cupcakes.  I really wanted to try them but I had no idea how much they would yield and if they would be any good.  Another one of my friends was having a Rummage Sale and Bake Sale this past weekend, I had already offered to make sugar cookies.  I called her and said I have a new recipe to try out can I make it for your bake sale?  She was thought it was a great idea.  I will say I will be making this again (not just for the party at the end of the month but for myself).  This recipe incorporates my two favorite things:  beer and chocolate so all is right with the world after consuming one of these – did I mention cream cheese frosting?

This is the link to the original recipe – I did not change it in any other way (only to cupcakes.)  The cooking time is about 20 minutes for cupcakes.  It also makes a ton of cupcakes – 26 normal cupcakes.

Cupcakes cooling

Very yummy cupcake!

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