Kingfisher Painting FINISHED!!!!

After almost two months of sitting on my easel I finally finished the Kingfisher this past weekend.

The sketch and the base
Filling it in
Look there is a bird
And the bird has an eye
The sign is made of wood
The bird has some shadow and some highlight on the wood
NO FISHING was added
More highlights on the wood
Weathering the wooden sign
More weathering and a fish
DONE (can’t you tell by the smile on my face!)

As per usual I painted this with my PLAID Paints (I love them so much).  I really need to start writing down the colors I use there were so many in this one I don’t think I could remember them all.  I didn’t even use Paynes Grey in this one (shocking I know) I discovered Burnt Umber, a little Cobalt and some Black makes a really nice Paynes grey.

This is the scan I did of the painting I have not taken “outside photos” yet – I plan on doing that today.

Scan of the Kingfisher.

Since I paint with PLAID Apple Barrel Paints I enter this into a Link Party:

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